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It’s really Spock and Kirk and Bones. They’re three viewpoints of the same mind, and I feel like it’s one person arguing internally sometimes.
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You can’t control the Prince Of All Saiyans.

My favourite thing was a bunch of people made a giant sign that said “How am I going to be an octopus about this?” and held it up during Pompeii at all the right times and it distracted me enough to sing “octopus” instead by accident.
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honey I shrunk my d*ck



A girl I’m friends with on Facebook posted this status and I love it so much.


A girl I’m friends with on Facebook posted this status and I love it so much.


I was sitting on my friends bed with her when she came out as gay

and I was looking through a Chinese food pamphlet

so I put it down, looked at her and said “I was going to suggest ordering food but I see now you’d prefer to eat out”

and I don’t think she’s ever really forgave me  




dash is named dash because he runs really fast

violet is named violet because ultraviolet rays are invisible to the human eye

so what’s jack jack’s name got to do with his power

jack of all trades because he has so many powers



do you ever get weirded out by the fact that everyone around you is constantly within their own mind and thinking a million secret thoughts and battling internal struggles just like you and that you’re not the only one who thinks these things and that the people around you aren’t just faces meant to fill up your life but they’re actually really deep people who have a lot more to them than you ever actually even think about


Pokémon Presentation: For all you Genwunners out there who constantly hate on the newer generations: this one’s for you.


Pulled a fast one on us 6 year-olds, Disney.

she knew what was upHoly shit :ODid any kid catch on to this?

I love you, Miss Grotke.




this could be us but u a video game character

Doesn’t that make YOU the one that’s playin

Shit. shit. It was ME playin all along. Dammit

I should go
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